disposition cars as follows:

up delivery to: TMC Houston

SPLc #: 684800

process  CARS in both an efficient and effective manner

Lori McComb

Corporate Controller, Accounting, and Finance

Total Capacity 205 cars

Mechanical Shop - Built 1975 – 1985, Total of 94,800 sq. ft., 5 Tracks – 40 Car Capacity

Recent Addition - Built 2014, Total of 30,000 sq. ft., 6 new Tracks - 20 Car Capacity

Valve Shop & Equipment Design Building - Built 1978, 2,000 sq. ft.

Blast – Paint & Lining Shop - Built 1985, 26,000 sq. ft., Two Automated Blast/Recovery Units

Cleaning Shop - 2002, 6,500 sq. ft., Two Tracks Holding Six (6) Cars

Flare Rack - Trackage to Hold Eight (8) Cars Built 1978, 2,000 sq. ft.

shop information and capacity

It makes all the difference when selecting your tank car repair provider.


Tank car maintenance and Regulatory Compliance

Maria Espinoza

BRC Processing, Data Entry

M-1002/M-1003 certified in activity codes

  • B24 - Tank Car Repair Facility
  • B25 - Freight Car Repair Facility Engaged in Repairs Involving over 85 Hours Labor and/or Wreck Damage
  • B26 - Freight Car Repair Facility Performing Office Manual Rule 88 Repairs/Modifications
  • B79 - Alteration of Tank Cars
  • B80 - Conversion of Tank Cars
  • B81 - Qualification of Tank Cars
  • C5 - Recondition/Repair and Qualification of Tank Car Service Equipment
  • C6 - Removal and Replacement of Tank Car Service Equipment (including changing of gaskets)

Stephine Chandler

Customer Service and Support

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For more than 40 years, TMC Engineering Services, Inc. has provided rail car running repair, maintenance, alterations, conversions, and requalification services for railroads, private car owners and shippers in North America. Our tank car dedicated facility, strategically located in Houston, TX ensures our customers receive convenient and prompt service. Our primary objective is to provide our customers exactly what they need to get them back on track quickly.

The facility is RL2, M-1002, and M-1003 Certified, and able to perform HM216B requalifications, service equipment repairs, alterations, conversions, as well as complete tank car cleaning, blasting, lining, coating and interior/exterior painting.


Flaring Station

Liquefied Petroleum Gas,

Propylene, and Propane. Select Read More for a list of commodities we are capable to clean.

TMC Engineering Services, Inc.

  • C7 - Removal of Interior Linings and Coatings in  Tank Cars
  • C8 - Installation of Interior Linings and Coatings   in Tank Cars
  • C9 - Qualification of Interior Linings and Coatings  in Tank Cars
  • C10 - Repair of Interior Linings and Coatings in Tank Cars
  • C11 - Inspection of Interior Linings and Coatings in Tank Cars